Friday, April 23, 2010

The worst final ever

Today was a bummer of a day.......the only closed book exam of the semester and it was rough....very, very rough.  My prayer is that I at least get a C- so that I can pass the test and get the credit for the semester.........I need those credits to graduate.  Right now I am sweating big time, because I really know that I answered some of the exam questions wrong.  I looked at my outline right after the exam and know that I trashed some of them.  Ugh....totally sick to my stomach.

Now part of this is normal---you always feel like you failed.  And sometimes you think you did horrible, and really, you just think that and you really rocked the exam.  I felt that way in Con Law I my first year.......and then ended up with an A in the class.....but this time, I KNOW this was bad.  Why?  I developed a bad case of senioritis the last semester and pretty much checked out.  I tried to cram stuff in my head....but that's it, I tried.  When it came down to getting it down on the paper, I couldn't do it........I choked.  That said, keep your fingers crossed for me.  At this point, I would take the lowest possible grade allowed to still get credit for the class.

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