Friday, April 30, 2010


Weird place to be.  I was looking forward to having nothing to do, and now that I have nothing to do, I am looking forward to having study time when bar review starts..........oh goodness.  Psycho I guess.

Day Four is today of the nothingness......and actually, it's not that there is nothing to do....there is PLENTY.  This house has taken a beating in the last few weeks.  I am catching up on laudry.  I am catching up with friends too....enjoying a lunch here, a chat there.  It's nice.  I actually have cleaned out two closets.  Had a few naps, and have been there when my daughter needs something....kind of nice for now.

Went to a bible study yesterday, the first in a series....they said we were going to have homework every night and I was so excited!  LOL.......makes me sick, I know.....but I figure two pages of reading and reflection is more luxury than homework.

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