Saturday, April 3, 2010

Preview Day

Today was preview day for the admitted students who will start [or have been admitted to start] school in the fall.  I was on a panel, as well as gave tours to students who are planning to attend in the fall.....Can I say that I had forgotten the excitement of an incoming class of students.  The energy was electric and I could not help but wonder where my joy had gone to!

I was on the budgeting know, how do you plan for law school and once you get there, how do you meagerly live!  Fun times..........very fun times!  I tried to use humor and seriousness to get my point know, law school is an expensive endeavor and you better be SURE you want to be there.  Because I will have a piece of parchment paper to hang on my wall shortly that is worth a small mortgage, but I can't live in it.

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