Friday, April 30, 2010


Weird place to be.  I was looking forward to having nothing to do, and now that I have nothing to do, I am looking forward to having study time when bar review starts..........oh goodness.  Psycho I guess.

Day Four is today of the nothingness......and actually, it's not that there is nothing to do....there is PLENTY.  This house has taken a beating in the last few weeks.  I am catching up on laudry.  I am catching up with friends too....enjoying a lunch here, a chat there.  It's nice.  I actually have cleaned out two closets.  Had a few naps, and have been there when my daughter needs something....kind of nice for now.

Went to a bible study yesterday, the first in a series....they said we were going to have homework every night and I was so excited!  LOL.......makes me sick, I know.....but I figure two pages of reading and reflection is more luxury than homework.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Graduation Announcements

Not everyone does this, but I sent out Graduation Announcements.  I am the first person on both sides of the family to graduate with a college degree, let alone a JD.  I worked hard, really, really hard for what I have achieved.  So I had pictures taken and wrote a graduation letter to go with the pictures.  Here is a copy of my announcements:

To My Wonderful Family and Friends…..

For seven years I have worked towards one goal: to graduate law school. I remember when I first dreamt of being a lawyer. I was nine years old and sitting in Judge Miller’s courtroom. The trial was an intricate dance and fascinated me. As an adult, I realized that following this dream was essential to my life purpose. I remember sitting in a school gym where my church met on Sundays, watching a video clip of Indiana Jones crossing an invisible bridge, and hearing a dear friend of mine explain that steps of faith are like that. Take that one step, and the bridge will be there when your foot lands. This friend also shared the following verse: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Law school seemed impossible. I was a single parent of a young child, had little money and people kept asking, “How are you going to do this?” To me, that was not the question. The real question was, “How can I not?” I took that first step, and I have never looked back and God faithfully provided the next rung on the bridge every time.

There is a saying in law school, “First year they scare you to death, second year they work you to death, third year bore you to death.” I was never scared. The first day I walked through the doors of the law school, I was a nerd, I cried. I felt at home, as if I had finally found my place in this world. I was the only first year law student I heard saying, “I love law school.” Every day was a new adventure. My second year, I enjoyed not so much school, because I was an old hand at that. What I enjoyed was my first legal job. I liked knowing that I worked in a place that helped children. And the saying held true, between the professors and my job, I was worked to death. My final year, school really did bore me. However, as a third year law student, I became certified to appear in court. I argued cases, worked on trials, questioned witnesses, and conducted hearings. My first appearance freed a little boy for adoption. I will forever remember this little boy’s name. My prayer, as I drafted the final judgment, was that God would bless this boy and his new family.

The road has not been a struggle free. There have been many ups and downs. But one thing remained constant, the assurance that the path I was on was the right one and that God was paving the way. My life has been greatly enriched by my experiences in law school. I have not only become booksmart, but I had to think about who I am and why I think and believe the things that I do in this life. I have come to treasure the people who surround me. I can’t begin to thank my friends and family enough for the encouragement, the affirmation, and the hours when you sat and just listened to me in my times of joy and pain. There are no words.

As I look to the future, I realize that this journey is not over, but just beginning. Law school was only preparation for the real work of impacting lives and living out my purpose. I don’t know what the future holds, and the path before me remains uncertain. But I believe wholeheartedly that the rungs of the invisible bridge will continue to appear as I take each new step in this journey.

It is FINISHED............

That's right, the last law school final has been taken, completed.  I am numb feeling.  I can't believe it and it feels so unreal.  I walked out of school saying to myself, "I am done, I am done, I am done."  Then I promptly came home and napped:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Exam Left

This weekend I did a take home exam....and outlined for my last final.

I will take my final Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.  I will then be done with my law school career at around 11:30 a.m.  I have wondered all day long how that will feel?  Will I cry?  Right now everything is just so surreal, and I can't even explain what I am thinking.  Somehow I don't even think the full reality of what is going to happen has hit me yet. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outlines I Have Prepared

I promised to attach my outlines here.....I have finished some for this semester.  I will come back and update as I run across my outlines.

Because Blogger will not let me attach the outlines, I have made a google group where I will list the files for your use. 

Here is the link:  My Outline Bank

Friday, April 23, 2010

The worst final ever

Today was a bummer of a day.......the only closed book exam of the semester and it was rough....very, very rough.  My prayer is that I at least get a C- so that I can pass the test and get the credit for the semester.........I need those credits to graduate.  Right now I am sweating big time, because I really know that I answered some of the exam questions wrong.  I looked at my outline right after the exam and know that I trashed some of them.  Ugh....totally sick to my stomach.

Now part of this is normal---you always feel like you failed.  And sometimes you think you did horrible, and really, you just think that and you really rocked the exam.  I felt that way in Con Law I my first year.......and then ended up with an A in the class.....but this time, I KNOW this was bad.  Why?  I developed a bad case of senioritis the last semester and pretty much checked out.  I tried to cram stuff in my head....but that's it, I tried.  When it came down to getting it down on the paper, I couldn't do it........I choked.  That said, keep your fingers crossed for me.  At this point, I would take the lowest possible grade allowed to still get credit for the class.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Upcoming Articles.....

Okay, I really want to help my readers and followers....if there is something I have not addresses, something that you really want to know, please, please, me and ask.  I want to use the summer to fill in the blanks.

Somethings I plan on doing to improve me blog:
1.  I am going to post my outlines that I can download them, use them, trash them, ignore them...whatever you want.  Now, I have one computer crashed at some point, so they are not there, but I will give you what I have.

2.  I am going to work on defining some of the funny terms you are going to hear during your first year.

3.  I am going to write an article on how to write a case brief.  Now granted, you will learn how to do this in your legal research and writing class.....BUT, I had this awesome teacher in undergrad who had graduated law school two years before.  She taught me how to write a brief and it was the BEST darn thing I learned to prepare me for law school.  I really felt that I had a "leg up."

Those are the ideas I am floating to help you all........but if there are other things that seem confusing, or you don't want to ask or feel embarrassed to ask....this is a very safe place!  So, email me, and I promise to answer you.......

Rock on, and hope you are enjoying your time before starting law school!

Monday, April 19, 2010

If it can go wrong, it will

During finals, tension is stretched to the breaking point.  I have my first final on Wednesday [I know, why am I writing this here then?], and I have had a tension headache for two days now.  The one thing that I have learned over these past years is to expect the unexpected!  What does that mean?  What can go wrong will during finals!  Your kids will start acting up, you might have car problems, family drama will increase, and all of this just kind of adds up.  I have a good cry at least once during this time.  Yet time marches on at an incredible speed.

How can you prepare yourself?  You really can't.  Each semester I think I have myself insulated, or covered in prayer....and it never really works that way.  So, here are my tips for finals stress:

1.  Take frequent 5 minute breaks....stretch, go walk out on your porch, dance around the room for a moment....whatever.....but break.
2.  If you need a nap, nap.  Studies show that if you are tired, your brain is not going to absorb the information it needs too.
3.  Caffiene is your a point.  Don't over do it!  Otherwise you won't sleep.
4.  Set a time to stop studying each day and stick to it.  Really, sixteen hour study days are not productive.  So, make a time to stop.  Maybe that is 6 or 7....but stop.
5.  Eat healthy and take your vitamins....seriously.  Stress breaks down your immune system.  You don't want a cold.
6.  Ask for might need a break from your child.  Ask someone to take them for the day, or an hour, just to give you a break.
7.  Pamper yourself......with the little things.  Light a candle in the bathroom, take a bubble bath, relax with a glass of wine.  Recharging your batteries is essential to surviving stress.
8.  Stop studying at six the night before the exam.......stick to it.........If it's not in your head by then, it never will be.
9.  Don't stick around after a final....everyone is going to chat about the exam and give their brilliant answers.  It will just cause you to doubt yourself.  Stick your ipod in before you walk into the building, and stick them back in after the exam....get the heck out of dodge and don't listen to your well meaning, incredibly smart law school friends.
10.  Find a comfortable study place.....this is key.  I can't study in the law school dining room table becomes my study area.  Everything has it's place and home there.  It's by the window so I can look out at my flowers, it's quiet and if I want noise, I can turn my stereo on.  If it's really nice out, I can sit on my patio and study.  But I have a good chair, and a good place I can park myself and sit for long periods of time.

Good luck.

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Official, I am DONE!

Well, it's official, I finished up my last law school class ever!  A 20 page paper, and four finals and my life is my own again.  I cannot tell you what it felt like to drive to school this morning, walk into the law school and sit in the classroom where my journey began.  My last law school class was conducted in the same room.  There was a strange irony in this.  Rock on!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Oregon SC decision on Medical M.J.

I was reading the decision tonight, out of sick curiousity and because I am procrastinating writing a paper on which my graduation!

Anyway, here is an exerpt from the opinion.....'Nothing in the Attorney General's opinion addresses that question, and the commissioner erred in finding an answer in the Attorney General's opinion to a question that the Attorney General never addressed.' Does anyone see how awkard the phrasing of this statement is? For some reason, this cracked me up. Not even a Supreme Court Justice is immune from a run/on or fragmented sentence. [at page 17]. I actually had to read that sentence several times to make sure I understood what was being stated here.

To break this down, the Supreme Court today ruled on an important issue.

1). Employers can fire someone for m.j. use, even if the person holds a medical maurijuana card. The Court interpreted the federal controlled substance statute, and two Oregon statutes to interpret that federal law trumps state law. And because mj is an illegal sustance as defined by Congress, it is a illegal substance per the accomodation statute in Oregon.

2) Employers do not have to allow an employee to smoke m.j. on the job, even if the hold a medical m.j. card.

In both cases, the employer does not have to accomodate, or carve out a special exception because an employee has a medical card. The court seems to be saying that illegal, means illegal, contrary to what our Oregon AG says.

I have to wonder what the fall out will be for those who have these cards? And what the fallout will be for the medical m.j. movement in Oregon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Way I Outline.......

Outling in law school is an really is.  It's about getting your notes, the elements of the law, sometimes policy, and always your professors words---down in paper form that is easy to read, and easy to memorize.  Now outlining for a closed book exam is a little different from open books, but not much.

I start with the professors syllabus and how they break up each class period, as my heading.  I start with the elements of the law.  So for torts, say, negliegence:  duty, breach, causation/proximate cause, damages.  Then, I break it down into the cases we have read for each section and how the court [the Supreme Court that is] has broken down the elements.  The case name, the page it is on, the holding.  Sometimes if facts are important, the key facts.  Followed by the policy.  Followed by what the prof has said about the law.

As I complete my outlines, I will post one on here so you can see what I mean, or at least parts of one!

It's Official, 1 Class Hour Left Ever of School

That's right, one more class hour left.  Friday at 11:20, I will be done with classes forever.  Then to just get through my finals, I then can have some rest.  Whoot!  I can't believe it.  I wish I could explain the feeling, the amazement, the feeling of "I can't believe this."  I just don't know how to put all my feelings into words at this point.

In some ways there is a let down starting in.....what am I going to do after this?  Seven years of this point, it is all I know how to do [besides being a mom].  Fun and scary times all around.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exam Time

As exams approach, students stress level ratchets up by levels that even the most ignoramous can sense.  What is funny to me is how we students start trying to clarify what will be on the exam, how the exam will work, so on so forth.

My exams this semester are interesting.  Two professors said the exams are written and "easy."  Well, nice......One of them is a take home exam in which we have seventy two hours to write our responses and turn it in.  The other exam is open book, open hard can that be?

My final for Law and Education....not sure what will happen with this one.  This professor is new to our law school this year.....  One thing that was awesome about her is that she said that there would be one large question that dealt with policy.  She is posting the question on her website on Friday so that we can access it and write it beforehand.  Which is good and bad.....because it will be indicitive of how she writes questions, but also, she will likely expect more.  Oh, and it is open book, open note.

The other exam is for my Crim Pro Class....I have no idea what she could possibly test us on........there is not much substance in that class.  Very  policy driven............not sure the status of whether this is open book or not....should be interesting to find out.

My Professor for the 1st Amendment class laughed at me.  I said, I know the paper is due the 19th, but what time?  You want it by 5, or 11:59 pm......for some reason this amused him greatly.  I thought it was a fair question since he said to email it to him.

Most exams I have had in my law school journey have been closed book....which means mad rush to memorize EVERYTHING you can so that if some obscure thing is tested, you can pull it out of the file in your brain and amaze the professor with your legalease......I have always found this arbitrary.  The truth is, in the field when you practice, you are going to have to go looking for answers more often then pulling it out of your the exam period, especially when it is closed book, closed note is arbitrary and makes no sense.

2 Classes Down, 2 Down Tomorrow...............

Today marked the end of Juvenile Law and Sentencing Reform.  I have often wondered, and I do every semester......why do students insist on clapping for the professor at the end of the semester?  Do we do this so because we are glad that is the last time they get to torture us?  Think about it....we are paying them to be there!  It's THEIR job!  They should be applauding us!  But I digress.........

There is a sense of surrealism like nothing else.  Time is marching on.  My motivation is shot.  My give a damn is busted.  I have a 20 page paper due on Monday, nothing on it written.....very little researched.  Yet, I can't be worked up enough to care.  I am BURNT out.  That is the best thing I can say.  And somehow, I have to work up the motivation to write that paper, and then study for four exams...........Somehow I can't, or don't, or am too stressed and overwhelmed to care.  Hum.......

Professor Evaluations...

Each semester I give an off the cuff synoposis of professors and "grade" them.  I like to do this BEFORE the exams, because I don't want any bitter feelings I hold after an exam to slant what I thought of them as I was going through the courses......So here it goes.

Crim Pro II, Jail to Bail taught by Professor Davidson:  Pointless class.  Seriously.  There is nothing in this class that you can't get from other courses.  As for her teaching style, "poor" would be my discription.......As I put on my school eval....."Forcing students to read out loud and role play last nights readings is like show and tell for kindergarden, pointless and painful."  I checked out a long time ago in this class.  She doesn't make sense, she is concerned with the minutia of the case, rather than the strong substance, and this is a class more about policy than law.........made more boring by her style of teaching. 

Law and Education, Professor Crier:  Crier comes to the classroom as an ex teacher, and ex attorney for the Dept. of Education.  Her knowledge on things such as the No Child Left Behind Act are invaluable.  She wasn't bad as a first year teacher either.  She engaged students well, and was prepared each day for class.  She was approachable outside of class, and I saw glimpses of who she was as a person.  Crier has a good approach to balancing policy with substative law.  I was never bored, even though I have no plans to practice Education Law.  I would describe her as "average" but she has potential to grow as she gains more experience.

First Amendment, Establishment Clause, Professor Green:  Green is brilliant.  Very, very brilliant indeed.  The man is an expert in his field, having testified before the US Congress, and many state congresses.  He has also drafted many briefs for the Supreme Court on issues dealing with the Establishment Clause.  I have learned so much from him on these issues.  At first, I was a bit bored in the class as I was not focused on the historical development of the law.  But once we got to issues of the last 40 years, the class became fascinating.  And Professor Green because excited and animated.  I would definately count him in the top 5 professor's I have had at Willamette and rate him as Excellent. [PS this class is a non-curved paper class, no final].

Juvenile Law, Lynn Travis:  First, I have to say having worked in this area, I should not have taken this class....BORING.....also, As an adjunct professor who only teaches this class every other year, my rating might not be fair.....but I found her to be below average standard.  She often did not respond to students questions adequately.  She was not clear in her course objectives, and we were never given a syllabus, though eventually she sent out a reading list.

Sentencing Reform, Professor Appleman:  Appleman shines in this class...this is obviously her area of expertise and she is passionate about the subject.  She remains my all time favorite professor.  She has wit, style, humor, and the ability to provoke thought, even when you don't agree with her.  She also shows her personality and you really get to know the person, not just the professor.  She is encouraging and seems to want to really know what you think and why.  EXCELLENT professor and an asset to the school.  I am going to miss her greatly.

That's it for classes I have taken this fall........I will follow up with what I thought about the exams AFTER I take them!  LOL.

1 day down, 3 more to go.....

Then end is really in sight....and as it draws nearer it seems surreal.  I feel as if this can't be, as if the end days of law school cannot possibly be true.  As if someone is going to jump out of a box and yell, "Just Kidding you Jerk!"  I don't know why.  I think every law student is pretty much in the boat that I am in, at least the ones I have talked to.  Those in class with me today kept saying, "This is the last Monday Class ever....."  We all have this glazed, funny look on our faces.

For some of us the journey has been longer than for others.  I have been at this for seven straight years now.  First four years of undergrad, no break, then law school.  Others took a significant break between......but we are all united in the feeling as if some weird ritualistic passage is almost complete.

As I contemplate the future, I am amazed at what I DON'T know about the practice of law.....and that scares me.  Somehow the responsibility and mantle that I am about to carry seems to weigh more, or at least take on a more serious connotation.  I struggle to see how I can be prepared to meddle in someones life or handle some of the biggest crisis's that people will ever face.

Tomorrow, I will wrap up two classes.............Juvenile Law and Sentencing Reform.  I will miss Professor Appleman more than any other professor I have had.  I enjoy her humor, her intelligence, her approach to life.  She can't be anymore different than I am on a personal level.....but I do appreciate her.

Tomorrow I say goodbye to Tuesday classes.  My safety net is almost's time to put my big girl panties on!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday Night Bar Review

Went with the ladies of Willamette [well 4 of us] to go to our first, and last bar review ever!  Can't say I was missing much by skipping out on them.......if you have seen a bar, and drunk college students, you have seen bar review.

What I have been missing out on is getting to know these ladies outside of class or school.  This is what made the evening GREAT.  We had fun together, laughing hilariously, and generally just blowing off steam.  This is going to be a little regret of mine, that I did not take more time to get to know some of my classmates.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Student, Stress, and Sucky Breakouts

One thing I hardly ever had as a teenager was imagine my surprise when stress caused acute acne breakouts.  I have suffered through this thing for 3 years.....Acne makes you feel awful in a time when you already are suffering from stress and feeling unattractive just adds to it.

After much trial and error and using acne topical creams in the WRONG order, I have hit upon a treatment that works for those of you with combination skin, and those of us that rest our dirty hands on our chin when listening in class.  Here is my regimen:

St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser:  Green tea and salicylic acid, which is a natural drying agent.  Your face feels squeaky clean and a bit tight afterwards.  I use this in the morning.  Cost me 5.87 at WalMart.  It smells yummy too!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer:  Soy complex, SPF, and vitamins to even out tone and makes your face, love, love this stuff.  I use it day and night and slather it on.  Feels great.  Target 14.99.  [I bought this bottle 3 months ago and it's only half empty.]

At night, I use the following:

St. Ives Fresh Skin Make Up Remover and Face Wash:  This is a cream cleanser and really does take all your make up off and leave your skin feeling nice and clean without the oily feeling some cream cleansers do.  Contains camomille and salicylic acid, so it leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth.  Cost was 4.87 at Walmart.

Acne Free Terminator:  This is 10% Benzoyl Perixoide......can be HARSH on your face and should only be used in small patches were you break out........and then moisturize like crazy......but consistant use of this will zap the pimple and leave only a small red spot easily covered with concealer.  Walmart, 4.87.

What I use occasionally [once or twice a week].

Acne Free Sulfar Scrub:  GREAT, GREAT, GREAT way to get rid of pesky blackheads.  The first time I used this stuff, my pores were cleaned completely out.  I could not believe it.  Twice a week is way more than enough because it can cause extreme drying.  5.87, Walmart.

Mac Microfine Refinisher:  This is the BEST exfoliation cream I have ever found.  Very fine plastic beads in a nice creamy base and leaves my skin feeling like a baby's behind.  Very spending at 28.00.  BUT, I have had the tube for 5 months, and it is only 1/4 used because it take very little.

Now, along the way, here are some things that I have found.  Benzoyl Perioxide is USELESS in a cleanser.  Why, you need at least 1 hour soak in of the skin for it to really work.  In a cleanser, it is going to wash down the drain.  So, it is silly to use it in a cleanser.  Plus, it can dry our face out like no ones business.......

The best approach is salicylic acid for the cleanser and benzoyl peroxide cream before your moisturizer.  Also, let that BP soak in good before going to bed and don't get it on your clothes---it bleaches EVERYTHING...............

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Faith

I haven't written specifically about my faith on this blog, although I have elluded to it.  I am a Christian, a born again believer.  I believe that people are created and that God gives them a purpose in life.  I am not a bible thumper, or someone who pushes my beliefs on anyone else.  God created us with free will, to think for ourselves and form our own beliefs.  However, a large part of my story as a single parent in law school has to do with my walk with God.

When I was nine years old, I knew I wanted to be an attorney.  I sat in a courtroom and watched the intricate dance that took place there.  I was fascinated.  I sat in a judge's chair that afternoon and told him I wanted to be like him.  The Judge turned my chair, pointed it towards a window, and stated that if that was so, the school across the street was the place to go.

I worked through high school thinking I would go to college and then law school.  But something happened in my senior year....a rebellion, a need to be independent.  I began to take a different path in life.  One that turned destructive and I ended up in an abusive relationship.  When my daughter was born, I realized that one day, my then husband would eventually turn his abusive hands to our daughter.  I left when I was twenty five.

The next two years were spent healing.  But more than that, I believe that God was renewing that dream within my heart and my mind.  People were brought in to my life that encouraged me to go for it.  Some questioned me.  But I remember clearly, sitting one morning at church, as my dear friend and worship pastor talked about faith.  He showed a clip of Indiana Jones, where he is getting ready to walk across an invisible bridge.  Cory said that this is like taking a step of faith in obedience.  We take that first step, and then the rung will appear.  I knew that my step would be going to school and believing that all things would be provided for.

And amazingly, my path was paved.  God brought people in my life to care for my child, to support me in times of overwhelming stress, to come along side me and love me, and people who would hug me when times were hard.  God provided in all times financially, even when there appeared to be no way.  When I needed a job, I believe that God opened the right doors, the doors where I would learn the most.

My faith in the belief that I was called to preserve justice, and protect society is what saw me through the toughtest and hardest times of law school.  I am passionate about the law.  I am passionate about the role law plays in the United States.  I am passionate in the belief that law is what keeps society together.  I passionately belief that I have been called to be a keeper of the law, like Deborah in the book of Judges in the Bible.

I don't want to preach, or prosteylitize to anyone......what I do want to do is share with you my intense gratitude in the provisions that God made for me.  How faithful He is at all times.  How He honors our obedience to His calling.

I don't know what draws most people to law school.  I don't know if it is a dream of power, or money, or position, or even fame......I know that I was drawn for a purpose by God.  Making this experience a wonderful example of walking in obedience and walking by faith.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Bar Review"

Our student body organization has a tradition called Bar Review.  Bar review is really a play on words for the legally community.  Most of use think about studying for the bar and prep courses for the bar when we hear this phrase.  But bar review for the SB is different.  This is reviewing multiple bars over the semester, a different one every Friday night.  I personally have never been.  For me, I never had time being a single parent to join in the festivities, and I really don't hang in bars that often.  Can't remember the last time I was in one.

However, this Friday is the final bar review of the year.  Which means it is the final time that I could possibly go during my law school experience.  So I have rounded up seven women, none of us having gone before, to attend.  I am looking forward to one last hurrah before finals, and just going through the ritual that our school goes through.  This seems like some weird rite of passage....but I am okay with that.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life after law school?

I have been thinking a lot lately about what happens after law school……Why? For seven years I have placed my life on hold in many respects. Certainly, for the past 3 years this is very true. I stopped doing things I enjoyed, neglected friendships, and other things in order to focus school. I am not saying this is a bad thing. I had to. Law school is like a demanding husband/wife/mistress—pulling on your time, always expecting something more out of you, never quite satisfied, never letting up.
I told a prospective student the other day, that if I could have changed anything at all about my law school experience, it would have been to work my job for credit, rather than for a paycheck. Why? Because the work hours were on TOP of the hours I studied, the hours I was in class and all other things that pull at my time. If I had received credit for it, at least then it would have not been one more plate I spun in the air. One more thing to pull me in another direction---but I digress.

In order to accomplish everything, I did let things slip. And as I stand at the edge of the finish line, I realize that life is waiting for me out there…….I am going to be able to have time to play my beloved taylor more often, meet with my friends, be there for my extended family, actually pay attention to my best friend, sing on the worship team at church again, become involved in community activities---whatever makes me happy.

I know I am making this sound like, gee, I won’t have to work, and work won’t be demanding…..I am not saying that at all. Work is going to kick my rear and be demanding and pull on my time. But, I have not forgotten what it was like to work day in and day out in a demanding, stressful job. I did that before coming to school. The stress is different. Manageable somehow. And quite frankly, I don’t know what is more stressful in this life, than juggling all the plates that I have juggled for seven years now. Anything else is a cakewalk.
So, I keep asking myself, what AM I going to do with myself once school is over? And the answer is clear. I am going to study for the bar and enjoy life for a few months. Honestly. I am going to take a few weeks to just chill. To walk in the park on a sunny day, to smile at a child with ice cream on her face, to have a pedicure with my best friend, to make a new friend, to notice the flower growing amongst the weeds, heck, I might even go on a date [what the heck is that?]………..whatever. I am getting my life back and darn it, it’s gonna be fun.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fellow Students are funny.

For certain, I am more of a moderate voice in the law school, politically at least.  I tend to lean conservative on fiscal issues, fairly liberal on social issues---but interestingly enough, not as liberal as lots of the students here.  I had a student come up to me today and thank me...He said he owed me a letter of thanks.  He had been talking with a student, whom we both know, who is hard line conservative and has no logical reasons for what he believes.  This student who talked to me said that he has enjoyed debating me for the last three years because while he often disagrees, at least I am "logical."  I had to laugh. 

One thing that you learn in law school is why you believe what you believe.  Do you change your believes, do you bend?  Sometimes.  But often, you learn to search for the truth.  And you learn how to turn ones argument on themselve.  There is a real art form to debate and argument.  And what you learn quickly is that respect for other's opinions goes ALONG way.

So, tip number #1873 [just kidding], be respectful when you are getting your point across.  People will listen to you if you approach debates this way.  You gain credibility and respect, even if that person never actually agrees with you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Preview Day

Today was preview day for the admitted students who will start [or have been admitted to start] school in the fall.  I was on a panel, as well as gave tours to students who are planning to attend in the fall.....Can I say that I had forgotten the excitement of an incoming class of students.  The energy was electric and I could not help but wonder where my joy had gone to!

I was on the budgeting know, how do you plan for law school and once you get there, how do you meagerly live!  Fun times..........very fun times!  I tried to use humor and seriousness to get my point know, law school is an expensive endeavor and you better be SURE you want to be there.  Because I will have a piece of parchment paper to hang on my wall shortly that is worth a small mortgage, but I can't live in it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bittersweet Moments.......last day at my first legal job

Today was my last day at work.  My day felt very bittersweet.  I cleaned out my desk, logged in my hours, turned in my timesheets, and off to lunch I went with 30 co-workers.

We received a gift for working in the department.  Nice things were said about us by our supervisor.  Hugs were exchanged with promises to keep in touch.

I learned alot about the practice of law.  I learned how to argue before a court, how to appear before a court, how to address a court.  I learned how to draft legal documents, and the many, many revisions it takes.   I learned, learned, learned how pervasive state office politics are.  I learned the pain of having someone treat you hostile, and how to hold your head up and try to be the bigger person.  I learned to communicate more effectively, to assert oneself, and my confidence in my abilities grew leaps and bounds.

I feel scared and sad.  My first legal job down.  No job.