Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tired of dirty politics

Yep, you read it right. I am tired of this dirty political commerical season. I am tired of the blantant fear mongering and lies..........all for what? These politicians are selling their integrity right down the drains and doing nothing but reinforcing the publics belief that politics is a dirty affair. I am also tired of the hypocracy of it all. A few examples:

Oregon's Senator Race: Smith v. Merkley. This is probably the most shameful excuse and set of ads for a political race I have ever seen. I seriously am considering writing in "Mickey Mouse" because the mouse could do better than these two jokers. First, Smith catches Merkley eating a hotdog during a neighborhood event and asks him about the situation in Georgia. To which Merkley response clearly indicates the state, not country, of Georgia. Then there is a question about if that is the guy you want in the senate. Distastful, yes. Unfair? Absolutely. On Merkley's side is a commercial stating that Smith would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. In addition, Smith has voted 90% of the time with President Bush. Um, hello!!! First, Smith could not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Only the court can overturn it's own caselaw. Second, President Bush DOES NOT HAVE A VOTE IN THE SENATE!!! How can Smith vote with Bush?

The Congressional Race with Erickson (R) is shameful on both sides. One calling Erickson a liar and someone who covered up an ex's abortion and Erickson accusing his opponent of raising taxes and then not paying his taxes because he could not afford them.

The Governor Race in Washington: I don't have a pony in this race. But I do see the ads. Gregoire states that Rossi would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and he voted to deny unemployment benefits for battered women. Again, the Governor cannot vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. And unemployment benefits are for unemployed people, not battered women (unless they lost their job). There are other government programs available to battered women.

The Presidential Race: This is where I find the hypocracy. The sheer amount of money being spent is enough to make me ill. And both these men are concerned with the economy and the middle class? I don't think so! I find it particularly disgraceful that one candidate has a TV channel devoted exclusively to him on DISH TV, and spent mega money for infomercials on the major network stations. Our country is in a sad state of affairs financially, but he squandered that kind of money on ads. People are starving in this country, they are losing their houses, but he spent millions on tv programming to shamelessly promote himself. The only thing that probably prevented McCain from doing the same was lack of finances.......But his hypocracy is different. He complained and complained about Obama's lack of experience and then goes and finds a VP candidate that has no formal legal training and very little national governing experience (if any). And yet he still states that Obama is unqualified.

Maybe I just don't have time for this crud anymore, but this season can't end soon enough. I wonder what would happen if on election day, no one turned up at the polls? Or if we all just voted for ourselves? I wish there was someway of getting our point across that the public can see right through their actions!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My worlds colliding.....

Every once in a while, it feels as if all my worlds come to a head. Maybe worlds is not the correct terminology, rather the many hats that I wear. The hat of a mother, a woman, a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and employee..................Sometimes they collide. Juggling the variety of issues that a single parent has to in order to attend law school is tough to say the least.

I admit that I have been in a funk lately because I feel most overwhelmed by the constant juggling. Sometimes, I just want to be a mom. I worry that all the other demands on me will adversely effect my child. Sometimes I worry that she will feel that the job or my studies are more important than her. The truth is that I do this because of her. Because someday I want her to have an example of what it means to chase your dreams. I want her to have the things I did not have growing up. I want her to be able to go to any school she desires, and for money to not be an issue. I want her to understand the importance of an education and to value what one can do for your life.

But, when it is dark and I am by myself with my thoughts, I wonder if she will resent the sacrafices that she has had to make. She said to me the other day, "I hate law school. Why can't you be a regular mom!" I don't know what that is.......a "regular" mom. Maybe there is no such thing and if she had that "regular" mom, she would yell for a normal one, I don't know.

I realize that in 19 or 20 months, when I cross the stage for my law degree, this won't matter so much. It will seem like a dream. And I know she is proud of me and will be proud then too. I just wish that the hat of the mother and student were not so diametrically opposed to one another.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political Speak in Law School

One thing has consistently bothered me in law school......the assumption by students and faculty that all students subscribe to a progressive, liberal ideology. This has been frusterating for me. And, my eyes are truly open to the fact that law school is certainly not diverse in the area of politics---or at least not tolerant to different political ideas.

I survived the first year with faculty taking pot shots at President Bush. I listened to student after student say many things, often not grounded in fact, about the Administration. Now, I need to reveal before I go further that I am a registered independent who has leaned Republican, but have voted Democrated. I tend to be very conservative on fiscal issues, but fairly moderate to liberal on social issues. I have not agreed with every policy of the Bush Administration and have often dispaired that the powers of the executive branch have been far to expansive under this President.

However, when I have had to try and speak up, I was belittled. This year, the common denominator seems to be the assumption that we must all be voting for Obama. I really don't know who I will vote for. I have to decide whose policies I fear the most, because I am not satisfied that either man can provide the decisive leadership the US will need in the coming years. However, what I cannot abide by is the ugly jokes and belitting that I have heard in reference to Sarah Palin. When you ask these students what they know about Sarah, it is little more that what was provided by the Huffington Post.

I am not saying that Palin is perfect, or that I do not have concerns. But to treat her as if she is a stupid booble head bimbo. I hate this gender bias and I hate that educated articulate people would perpetuate this..........

I guess what is disappointing is that there seems to be a lack of tolerance. There also seems to be a large assumption that all law students must think politically the same. We don't. AND, I would go as far to argue that being a simple party hack and voting party lines is scary to say the least. Neither party is perfect. And in the last month, we have seen that both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the mess that our economy is in. The Dems for turning a blind eye, and the Repubs for spending like there was no tomorrow. We, as future lawyers, should be smart enough to embrace debate on these views and to not buy into ideology that is divisive.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Frivolous lawsuit alert!

Below is a link to a story about how a Obama supporter in Oklahoma City is suing McCain for causing her mental anguish. She alleges that McCain/Palin has "incited violence against" Obama and this has caused her great mental distress. She claims to be in fear the the presidential's candidates life.

I could not find that complaint because it was just filed today, so presumably, it has not made it's way through the system. But think about this? McCain/Palin have not made any statements that incite violence or constitute hate speech. It is well documented that supporters have made unappropriate comments at rallies, but both candidates have admonished these people. What else can they do?

Not to mention, if this was true, perhaps I should institute a lawsuit against Oliver Stone for defamation against W and claim that his efforts have caused me great anguish and grave mental distress.

What I want to know is what irresponsible lawyer filed this suit? There is no cause of action here. Ms. Green has suffered no physical harm. McCain/Palin made no remarks. And it is a well stated rule in law that a third party can not be held liable for the tortious or criminal acts of another [minus conspiracy or felony murder]. The lawyer ought to be sanctioned.

Minus that---quick, someone get this woman some meds! FED EX, where are you when we need you?


Saturday, October 11, 2008

NYC: Free speech and the classroom

Above is a link to a story I saw on the news this morning. The school board in NYC has told teachers that they cannot wear Obama/Biden pins in the classroom. Teachers, through their labor union, has initiated a law suit claiming that the policy violates their free speech.

I find with this story, two of my views diametrically opposed. First, one has to understand that speech is not absolute and there are limitations. Having said this, because these pins are likely to count as "political" speech and is one of the most protected forms of speech. I am usually pretty pro-speech. I may not like it, but we all have a right to say our piece.

However, I think that this actually goes too far. Why, one might ask? Let me explain. What is the point of wearing a pin into a classroom full of students that cannot vote anyway? Why should personal opinions about elections be able to enter the classroom? I guess I believe that there are two topics that should remain taboo in the classroom: religion and politics. Both subjects can be highly contentious. Both imply alot about a persons core beliefs and morals. I do not believe that a sign of political support should make it's way in the classroom.

Lawyering at home....

I often wonder how much of my law school experience comes home with me. No kidding, the other night I grounded my daughter. She was grounded from playing outside for three nights. On the third night she began to beg, "Mom, please let me just go outside!" No, I say. "I'll pay you to go outside." No, I say, you can't pay your way out of jail. "Yes mom, you can. It's called a bail bond." I tried not to laugh, I really did. I had to explain that her sentence had already been imposed upon her and she could not buy her way out. That this too was against the law, even mommy law. She argued. I had to tell her she was going to get sentenced again. She said, "Why?" I said for trying to bribe a mommy official. She shut up.