Thursday, June 11, 2009

Expert Witnesses

I have been in court all week watching an interesting trial. What has struck me this week is the how much some expert witnesses enjoy taking on the attorney's. Two doctors of psychology testified. One for the state, one for the respondent.....Each one enjoyed their time on the stand thouroughly. Each listened intently and did not allow the attorney from the opposing side to corner them or trick them. At one point, one doctor said, "I love arguing with you lawyers" with a big, fat smile on his face. And you could tell he did enjoy it.

One attorney said, "Isn't it true that the largest part of your practice is DHS referrals?" And the child's attorney said, "Objection, we are all whores to somebody." lol......To which the judge even laughed.

I have learned alot this week in the courtroom. #1 thing, you are not likely to trick a psychologist. I think they just might be more cynical then attorney's.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My First Legal Spanking

I was in court Monday doing my law clerk experience. I can't really talk about what was going on, because of confidentiality reasons. What I can say is that I got a really good spanking from the judge for something that was not my fault. Our office did not get one of the parents served with the petition and summons, so that the parent would have the 10 day notice required by law. I tried contacting the parent's attorney before court, but the attoreny never returned my phone calls. So when we were in court, I turned to counsel and pointed out there was a service defect and would he be willing to waive the defect? This attorney got belligerent with me and refused. Okay, that's fine.

So, I asked the court to order the parent to appear in 10 days, since the parent was present. The judge said no can do. He said, "I am not going to take your case for you Ms. _____. It is within the state's power to insure that the defendant is served in time for the hearing. The court cannot help it if you did not accomplish this."

Okay, I smiled, said I understood and moved right along. However, in my head I was mentally kicking the person whose job it is to tell me whether the person is served in time. Oh well, it was bound to happen sometime, yes? As a good friend said, it's not the spanking they will hold against you, it is how you handle it that counts.

More thoughts on 2nd Yr, 2nd Semester Professors

So, here is a link to thoughts on my past professors: Professor Recap.

As promised here are my thoughts on this last semesters professors. As you can see, I have had some of these professors before.

Appleman: I took Criminal Procedures with her this semester. With 5 weeks left, she had a medical emergency and had to go on bed rest. Standen took over. I have to say that Appleman continues to be my favorite professor. She is funny and makes the learning process engaging and amusing. This is my favorite course so far in law school. She gave one monster of a final, which is fine. I was expecting it. It was also fair as most of it was based on the weeks she taught, rather than on what Standen taught when he took over.

Standen's take over: 5 weeks of hell. I really enjoyed him in Evidence, but Criminal Procedures for teaching of Miranda was useless and theoretical. After this, no way would I ever take another class with him.

Judge Landau: One of the nicest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He taught Statutory Construction. I learned alot in his class and was constantly amused by his stories about interpreting laws from the bench. His passion for his subject matter is apparent. Also, it is clear that he really, really wants you to understand.

Lauren Saucy, J.D.: Fair grader. She is very, very knowledgable in the area of Oregon Family Law. I learned ALOT from her and was glad to have taken the class. I would fully recommend this class as a practical course.

Dean Kathy Graham: Family Law. I like Dean Graham, but I think this is not her niche so to speak. Her test was extremely unfair in that she found the most obscure items that she spent 2 minutes, if that, in class covering. She was confusing in class and seemed to more about the theory of how it should work, than how it DOES work.

Cunningham-Parameter: Employment Law. I absolutely love this professor. He and Appleman are tied in my mind as the best professors. I took this class on a lark, not really interested in this type of law, but I found it fascinating. He teaches in such a way that is extremely repetitive, makes you apply the law, and keeps bringing the topic back around to the basics. By the time you need to take the final, you are really almost ready. I would take another class from him in the future.

Fall Semester 2009, I am taking the following classes, with the following professors and will do a recap the professors methods.

Appleman: Race and the Law [can't you tell I love this professor]
Wise: Comparative International Law
Tookey: International Enviornmental Law
Hill: Real Estate Transactions
Carrasco: Civil Rights Litigation
Skinner: Refugee Law

So three professors I have had before, and three new ones. Should be interesting.