Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bittersweet Moments.......last day at my first legal job

Today was my last day at work.  My day felt very bittersweet.  I cleaned out my desk, logged in my hours, turned in my timesheets, and off to lunch I went with 30 co-workers.

We received a gift for working in the department.  Nice things were said about us by our supervisor.  Hugs were exchanged with promises to keep in touch.

I learned alot about the practice of law.  I learned how to argue before a court, how to appear before a court, how to address a court.  I learned how to draft legal documents, and the many, many revisions it takes.   I learned, learned, learned how pervasive state office politics are.  I learned the pain of having someone treat you hostile, and how to hold your head up and try to be the bigger person.  I learned to communicate more effectively, to assert oneself, and my confidence in my abilities grew leaps and bounds.

I feel scared and sad.  My first legal job down.  No job.

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