Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Upcoming Articles.....

Okay, I really want to help my readers and followers....if there is something I have not addresses, something that you really want to know, please, please, please...........contact me and ask.  I want to use the summer to fill in the blanks.

Somethings I plan on doing to improve me blog:
1.  I am going to post my outlines that I have.....you can download them, use them, trash them, ignore them...whatever you want.  Now, I have one warning........my computer crashed at some point, so they are not there, but I will give you what I have.

2.  I am going to work on defining some of the funny terms you are going to hear during your first year.

3.  I am going to write an article on how to write a case brief.  Now granted, you will learn how to do this in your legal research and writing class.....BUT, I had this awesome teacher in undergrad who had graduated law school two years before.  She taught me how to write a brief and it was the BEST darn thing I learned to prepare me for law school.  I really felt that I had a "leg up."

Those are the ideas I am floating to help you all........but if there are other things that seem confusing, or you don't want to ask or feel embarrassed to ask....this is a very safe place!  So, email me, and I promise to answer you.......

Rock on, and hope you are enjoying your time before starting law school!

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