Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My first official interview

After several applications out, I finally got that treasured call:  a call for an interview.  The words, "Your resume has risen to the attention of the CEO and rose to the top for scheduling an interview."  I am so stoked!  I have never really thought about practicing in the area of law that I applied for, however, after much research, I think I would be a good fit. 

So what tactic do I use to interview?  I read as much on the organizations website I could.  I am applying for the position of a staff attorney.  So, I made myself familiar with the business that they are in.  I looked up, by googling, some of the major players in the organization.  Then I looked at the area of law and will be researching some of the issues so I can be prepared to talk about the industry itself -- though I have little knowledge of the practice of law in this area.

My interview is I prepare some more, I will update here what I am doing to prepare (besides finding a new suit to wear because I have gained the proverbial 10 pounds this summer).  While I want the employer to decide on me, I want to look and see whether I want to hitch my train to this particular star! 

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