Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grants and Scholarship Question

Brynea asked me a great questions:  Are there opportunities for any grants or scholarships for at least tuition that u have encountered?

Any degree above a bachelor's degree presents challenges for finding grants or scholarships.  They are scarce on the ground.  Most reputable law schools with strong alumni base offer scholarships for tuition if you have good grades and do well on the LSAT.  Willamette offered me a scholarship the first year that was pitiful.  But after performing well during my first year, my scholarship was increased to cover 1/3 of the academic cost for each year.

The American Bar Association, as well as state chapters, offer scholarships to minority groups especially hispanic and african-american groups.  These typically have to be applied for by December.

I ran into very few other scholarships in my search for law school.

However, be aware that new school loan restructuring makes student loans much less scary.  In addition, there is a new system in place were if you work in government, public interest, or true non-profit for 10 years, the rest of your loans may be paid off.  Between an income based consolidation loan and the loan forgiveness programs, it is possible that you would have the majority of your student loans forgiven.

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