Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love, love, love

My LRW professor emailed me after she saw a post I put on Facebook that I did not pass.  She is just one of the most wonderful women I have ever met.  Anyway she told me that there is an ability to appeal the results if your test scores are really close.   I should be getting my results by mail either tomorrow or Monday.  After reviewing the score, I will know whether I should appeal or not.

One thing that was interesting...... the handwriting passage rate was 50%.  That is how I took the test, I handwrote the exam.  Compared to the other passage which was 78% for computer takers..... Makes one wonder.


  1. Hope this will be of any benefits to some single moms.

    As a single mother, it is your right that the father of your child pays child support. If there is any problem with this, then contact your local agencies for Child Support Enforcement. Not only can they get the payments for you, but any of the father’s tax refunds can be transferred to you if needed. ( Administration for children and families has also set up resources that pay for child care for children of single parents. ( If you have a place to live, but heating and cooling bills are a problem, then Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program might be able to help you. It is a federally funded program, check out their website to see if you qualify. ( and if housing rent is a problem for you, then the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has the HUD program that can help you find an affordable home of your own. There is an income limit for those who qualify. (

  2. Dan, those are great tools. However, after 12 years of dealing with the Child Support Enforcement offices, the sad fact of the matter is that most single moms better find a way to survive without it. My ex has had his license suspended many times. However, he continues to work under the table, or sponge off of some lady friend. I rarely get child support. Period.

    Many people I know from single parent support groups cannot collect child support because they do not have current addresses for the ex. Ex refuse to give the information knowing that it will be turned over. And the burden falls on the custodial parent to give the information to Child Support Enforcement.

    Sometimes all the programs in the world will not fix deadbeat parents.