Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making plans just in case

Autumn Lee was 34 years old the day she climbed on the raft with her parents, siblings, husband, and six children.  She was excited about the trip and had been talking about nothing else on her facebook status updates for weeks before.  On Sunday of the rafting trip, she was thrown from her raft.  She was trapped under a log for seven minutes, while her siblings tried to rescue her.  They performed CPR and she was lifelighted to the nearest trauma hospital.  Autumn never came too.  She was pronounced brain dead.  What happened next was a nightmare.  Her mother refused to say goodbye, even though the doctors said there was no hope.  Her husband wanted to let her go.

I tell you about Autumn because I want to stress the importance of having an advance medical directive, also known as a living will.  Most states have these forms that you can down load.  You fill it out, have it notarized and make sure that the person you give the power of attorney to make the decision whether to pull life support has a copy, as well as your primary care physician.

Autumn's mom is not ready to say goodbye.  But her husband and children do not need to see her this way anymore.  While her husband has the right to make the ultimate decision, fighting over what to do can be a painful wound in the family circle.

As single parents, we have to think of these things.  I will be filling out an advance directive to leave with my will.  I do not want anyone doubting my wishes.  This tragic accident has made me talk to my loved ones to let them know I never want to be in that state.  The ultimate gift of love to me would be to let me go to be in the arms of Jesus.

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