Tuesday, October 2, 2012


For the last year I have kept busy by serving as Vice Chair, with a recent promotion to Chairperson of the Board for the nonprofit POLE Gems.  POLE stands for Purposed, Original, Loved, Empowered.  This is an organization doing some amazingly awesome things in the city of Salem. Our purpose is to reach sex industry workers -- those that society overlooks and even forgets about -- in order to show these men and women that they are LOVED and VALUED by someone. 

This has been an amazing journey of ups and downs this past year as we have started up and worked to stay afloat.  I have learned a ton about starting a nonprofit, of running one, and generally how to deal with diverse personalities.

Why post this on this legal blog?  Because my legal education has helped me be qualified to fill this position.  I think this is an area that we laywers can easily "give" back and it doesn't cost a dime, just a bit of time.

Oh, and because these programs are important.  In my state, Portland is the #1 hub of sex trafficking in the United States. It's time to raise awareness.

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