Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Please research before you call....

One thing that is apparent to me after talking to students considering attending law school...  people do not do their research.  So, most law schools have a webpage, most have information they can send out to you when you request the information.  Research your schools requirements.  Let's be frank.. you won't get into Law School that has a median LSAT score of 160, if your score was a 144.  Not going to happen no matter how good your GPA is.  Retake that test.  If you retake the test and do not improve by 5 points or more, and you don't bump up into the 150's, I think you should consider how you studied for the test.  You need a new program.  This test is not about how smart you --- the test is designed to test your standardized testing reasoning and your response to stress.  Nothing more.

Second, visit the school.  Or a law school.  Law school is not undergraduate school.  Each school has specific curriculum you have to complete your first year (and some require 2nd year classes as well).  Find out what each schools requirements are for curriculum.  Find out everything you can about the school and make a list of questions.  It's okay to ask admissions these questions.  That's their job and they love to interact with potential students.  Heck, ask the school if they have any current students that you can speak with...... there you will get brutal honesty.

Let's talk Charactor and Fitness.... If you have a record, you might want to consider what it was for.  A few speeding tickets over a 10 year period is common.  A kidnapping or felony assault -- not so.  I am betting most law schools are not going to grant admission with that kind of record.  Why?  Because the bar won't admit you with that kind of record.  Why would you go through 3 years of HELL only to be told by the bar that you can't be recommended for admission?

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