Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oregon: So you are sworn in, what happens next?

No one tells you about the process that happens AFTER swearing in.  I naively thought, great, I am sworn in and it's good to go.  Law school doesn't prepare you for the fact that this is NOT TRUE.  Here is a run down of the bar happenings in Oregon:

1. Swearing in ceremony where you take the oath, and sign it, to be filed with the Surpreme Court.
2.  A few days AFTER the event, the Oregon Bar will contact you with your bar number.
3.  You must wait at least 24 hours before registering your personal profile with the bar.
4.  Register your profile with the bar.
5.  Sign up for the New Lawyer Mentoring program (in Oregon this must be done w/n 28 days of swearing in).
6.  Contact the PLF if you plan on opening your practice.  The PLF is the exclusive insurer for malpractice insurance in Oregon.
7.  Look for your 2012 prorated bar membership dues.  They are due sometime the beginning of December (I had no idea that you had to pay this fee!).

That's just to get you legit with the BAR........ not the mirad of things you must do to get your business registered...... lots, and lots, and lots of paperwork.

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