Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My first job in the legal field....

I found this in my drafts... apparently I never published it!!! Kind of fun to read something I wrote in 2008.  Thought you all my find my thoughts back then interesting too:

I am one of the lucky few first year students who landed a paying job for the summer. Actually, my job will run for two years. I am working in the government sector for the office responsible for representing the state agency that is responsible for placing abused/neglected children into protective custody. My office receives the case when the agency decides that it would be in the best interest of the child(ren) to terminate the parental rights in order to free the children for adoption.

This job is emotionally exhausting. We deal with the "dregs" of society--parents who neglect, beat, sexually abuse, expose the children to drugs or sex offenders, and so on. These children come to the agency broken and emotionally fragile, having seen images and experienced pain that the average person cannot even begin to comprehend.

As a law clerk here are my average duties:

Organize evidence.
Compile a trial notebook that the attorney will use.
Generate witness list/data source.
Draft petitions, motions, orders, subpeonas, and judgments.
Interview witnesses.
Prepare exhibits.

I actually really enjoy what I do. We take a case and organize it and do the work prep for the attorney.

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