Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Professors are just nice!

My experience has been that the quality and friendliness of professors varies greatly. But there is always one that stands out. Yesterday in class, I actually raised my hand to volunteer an observation on a case in one of my classes [those of you that know me well, this should not surprise you]. This is a class that I would not normally enter the fray in, just because I know nothing about this area of law. Anyway, the Professor looked at his seating chart first and called me by the wrong name. To which I said, "Do you mean Lisa?" And he apologized and said yes and I gave my comment.

To my surprise, about 20 minutes after I left class, I received an email from the professor where he apologized again for the mix up and then said, "Really great comment in class today. Exactly what I was looking for." This type of encouragement and praise is rare. When a professor goes out of the way to encourage, it is something I value.

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