Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Power of the Alumni

One thing that perspective law students do not think about is the power of the alumni. It is like some secret club that you have to be a part of [or almost be a part of] before you can fully understand. The Alumni can open some truly golden doors for you.

From a students perspective, when you meet someone new and they say, "Hey, that's my school. How is the law school dragon treating you?" You find an instant friend that just "gets" you. There is a bond, an unexplainable initial trust, because this person walked the path before you and MADE IT OUT ALIVE.

Since I live in the town the law school is located in, I run into alot of alumni. I make it a practice to always chat and network with these people. The added benefit is that they are the best sources of encouragement when you are freaking out.

I share this as a new insight I have. I think it is important for a student looking for a law school to ask to speak with some alumni. They are the ones that you are going to get the truth from and get a sense of what life was like for them while they were attending school, and how they have done since passing the bar.

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