Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogs by some of the professors I have had......

So blogging is a thing for professors as well. You want to know what is near and dear to their hearts, and maybe get into their minds for exams? Who doesn' read their blogs or find their law review articles. Either are useful for figuring out what the exam will be like.

Professor Standen's passion? Sports Law. Who knew?

Professor Appleman.....I could not find a specific blog for her, but type her name and see that she is active on SEVERAL is a link to one: Legal Ethics.

Professor Williams...also a contributor to a legal theory blog.

Professor Runkel....Law Memo. blog found, but some published law review article info......Abstract.

Okay, enough for now. Maybe I will add to later. But seriously, part of writing that winning exam is to get in the heads of your professors. Every little bit counts!

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