Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Moot Court Competition

Another moot court competition is coming up. I have decided to compete in the Open Appealate competition. I am excited about this competition because appealate work seems to be something that I could excel at. The competition is based on a research brief that you write with a partner [this year's topic is the 8th Amendment]. Then you have oral arguments based off the briefs.

Last year during the first year appealate competition I did very well. I am a fast thinker and respond well to firing questions from judges. Last year, the judge I had said that I have a "gift" in that it feels like I am having a cup of coffee and conversation with them when I am speaking. I want to brush up on this and see if I still "have it." I don't think that appealate work is something I would want to do, but you never know.

So, my brief is due Friday. Oral arguements are Feb 9-12th. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am catching a cold and feeling yucky.

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