Friday, October 16, 2009

TIP: Public Assistance

Before starting law school, I use to scorn public assistance.  But let's be frank, law school is an expensive endeavor.  No financial aid office is going to tell you this, and neither will admissions, but as a single parent, you will qualify for food stamps, and possibly other assistance. 

When the compute how much in food stamps you get, they will ask for income.  The thing is that they cannot count student loans in with your income.  Nor scholarships, only Pell Grants.  And if you have done any research on financial aid, you will know that there are no Pell Grants for graduate degrees.

So, if you are like me you balk at food stamps and pride may get in the way.  But, remember that you have paid into the system, and once you are an attorney you WILL pay into the system big time.  So, use it now, when it could really make a difference.  For my budget, it really did make a HUGE difference.  Plus, if you receive food stamps, your child is eligible for free lunches at school once you apply.

Don't let your pride get you.  Get the help you need so that you can get through school.  

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