Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama Promise Tracker

Much is being made about the promises that Obama made while campaigning and whether he has kept these promises. I find this a very interesting discussion. This last campaign season seemed to be so full of promises from both sides--some fantastic promises that I knew would not be kept.

Like, closing Guantanamo. I knew that one would not happen, primarily because what would we do with these people? Now the stakes are heating up again. Obama winning a Noble Peace prize has made many wonder what has he done---other than to make promises? Then we hear that he won because of the promise that he brings to the world? Huh? Really?

I am still sitting back observing. Mainly because I think that 10 months into a new administration is too early to judge. But, to me, nothing looks to promising. Right now the democrats have the power, 60 Senate seats, control of the house, and the Presidency, but nothing is happening. This seems weird to me.

Some promises are promises I cannot believe a former law school professor made. Obama KNOWS about the three branches of government. He knows that he cannot make law, he can only sign a bill into law. So how could he promise a rescinding of DOMA, that's for the congress to do. How can he promise the gay and lesbian community laws that would give them status as a suspect class? That is what Congress must do! How can he promise health care? Again, that's what Congress does. How could he promise the rescinding of Don't Ask, Don't Tell--oh wait, he could but he has not!

I remember being promised hope and CHANGE. So far I see no change. I see a bunch of blowhards doing nothing but fighting about semantics while the rest of the real country suffers. So, I am still waiting, watching, and hoping, but to be truthful, each day that passes dims the hope.

If you want to check out what promises Obama has kept, broken, or done nothing about, here you go: Politifact

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