Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great Time Tonight

One thing I would encourage any law student to do is to take advantage of free memberships that your Career Services department might sponsor.  I wrote awhile back that I was being sponsored through my school for the American Inn of Courts.  I had another meeting tonight and I would say that this networking opportunity is invaluable.  You will meet lawyers, professors, and judges.  Tonight, I sat next to a Circuit Court Judge that someday I will appear before.  Over the next year, I will have lots of opportunities for face time with people who I will work with in the years to come.  I had a great time getting to know the people I will work with in the future.

Funny enough, I had emailed an attorney for work today.  Tonight, our school introduced each of us.  After dinner, this attorney I had emailed came over and introduced himself.  Was very interesting to meet opposing counsel outside of the adversary situation across a courtroom from each other.

My point being.....take advantage of all memberships that will give you networking opportunities, especially if you plan on practicing in the area.

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