Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Day

Today felt like another huge step in my journey to become an attorney.  I turned in my first application for a position as an attorney.  Obviously, any job I was offered would be contingent on passing the bar, but this was the first step in what I think will be many.

As part of the process, I had to get two written recommendations from lawyers I work with.  The nice things that were said about me, had me wanting to blush or cry, I am not sure which.  One described me as professional and fearless in court.  WOW, not bad for a law student.  The other said that I conducted myself in court with a composure that he has not seen in many attorney's who have been practicing for years.  I consider these things to be the best part of all of law school, to have people I admire think such nice things.

Beyond that, it brings the end of school to be that much closer---and scarier.

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