Monday, October 12, 2009

OMG! Time has flown

Seemed a simple thing today....I went and checked my mailbox at work. Inside that box was the 2010-2011 calendars. As I sat and looked at it, I realized something that nearly gave me a panic attack. I AM SEVEN MONTHS AWAY FROM GRADUATION. Where did the time go exactly? Somehow it seems to have gone fast, but slow....and now it is going faster. Does this make any sense.

The goal is in sight. The sacrifices are starting to feel a bit on the severe side, but worth it. My daughter and I are on our way to security--assuming I find a job:) Which brings me to the next part--looking for a job in my new career is right around the corner.

I did not start my undergraduate experience until I was in my late 20's. I thought then it would take forever to get here today. And strangely enough, here I am a short few months away. People said it would fly. And last year, I kept hearing, "Your third year flies by so fast." Both were true although I kept thinking that these people were just trying to give me a ray of hope. But it was really a piece of the truth.


  1. thank you for sharing, this gives me so much hope! I too started my undergrad in my late 20s (27 to be exact) and I'll be done this coming spring. I am so excited (and nervous) to be going to law school but your blog gives me a lot of hope! Thanks again!

  2. Cerissa:

    It really does go by fast. Before you know it, you will be walking across the stage grabbing your JD. Congrats on your decision to go to law school. The first day through those doors will feel life-changing, and it is. Enjoy every minute.