Saturday, September 22, 2012

Willamette's 3 + 3 or BA/JD Programs

What I would have given for this opportunity when I started my journey of going back to school.  Shaving off a full year of schooling and the cost associated with that would have been phenomenal!!!!

Willamette's College of Law has partnered with both the undergraduate programs at Willamette and with Oregon State to offer a program where you complete your needed undergraduate credits by the end of your junior year and then enter into the College of Law.  Once you complete your first year of law school, you get your BA from your undergraduate school and you are on your way to a law degree as well.

Admission into either of these programs does NOT guarantee admission to the law school.  An applicant still must apply to the law school, take the LSAT, and have a applicable GPA.  But it's doable, and it is less time to complete... which is something that helps when we think of managing our time, how much time we are out of the work force and so on.  I would have gratefully leaped at the program.  I was not too keen on the whole get a liberal arts major.  I took a lot of classes that were time fillers (mostly electives).  This program would cut some of these out.

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