Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What would you like to know?

I have been sitting here racking my brains on trying to figure out what I could post next and drawing a blank.  Once I have that first attorney position or start interviewing, well there go, easy stuff.  But what interests you to know now?  Are there questions that you have about the bar?  As you all know, I am now an expert at taking the bar.  What can I answer to help you along with your journey?  Drop me a line either in the comment section of this post, or email me using the button at the upper right hand corner.  The point of this blog as always been to encourage other single parents thinking of going to law school.  Encouraging YOU makes me feel encouraged.


  1. I am a single mom in North Carolina and am applying to law schools this fall for admission next fall. I am an older student......i'll be 39 in December. I am in North Carolina and would like to know how easy is it to be a single mom and full time law student? Are there programs that cater to single parents? I would appreciate any help or guidance you could give.


  2. I am a single mother of 3 children of which my 10 yr old and 4 yr old daughters have primary residence with me. I have been thinking about going to law school. Any advice?

  3. My advice to both of you is to think long and hard about this. The law has to be a passion for both of you. You have to WANT it, I believe even more than anyone in that class. You have demands on your time that other students do not. And that means that you will have struggles they do not, nor can then understand. Determination and persistence is the only thing that will get you through.

    I know of no law school that caters to the single parent. However, my law school is a smaller community, with a small staff to student ratio. I found this to be VERY helpful when conflicts happened. They don't have classes with 200+ people to accommodate, so when a single parent has an issue, my professors were ALWAYS understanding.

    If you start at the beginning of this blog, you can see so many of the struggles I went through -- from having to study alone because it was impossbile to meet for the midnight study party, to demands on my time, to a child who sometimes felt very left out.

    Law school is one demanding mistress. And she refuses to take second place!

    That said, it's doable. I don't regret my decision and would do it again in a heartbeat.

  4. I agree with Lisa that in order to get through law school as a single parent, you have to really, really, want it. I spent roughly 60-65 hours per week studying and in class my first year. Combine that with parenting duties and that leaves almost no time for anything else. The experience is incredibly demanding and grueling, but it can also be tremendously rewarding. In the end, go with your gut. There is no harm in taking the LSAT and applying to some schools.