Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Politics.........

This weekend saw some interesting results and somewhat unexpected.

Mr. Obama enjoyed an overwhelming victory over Mrs. Clinton. I was quite surprised that he won Washington. Mrs. Clinton is in trouble. As I see it, this race may come down to how the super delegates vote and Mrs. Clinton better make sure she gets those votes tied up.

And, Mr. Huckabee enjoyed 2 victories proving that he can turn the South like no one else due to his "evangelical" roots. I don't understand this draw though. I come from the same evangelical roots (I have to note I part ways with a lot of social views though---gets me in trouble sometimes!), but I have done my research on this man. What his views are should make any self respecting person who believes in God and Jesus, quake in their shoes. He wrote, scathing maniacal letters to a newspaper editor that are frankly embarrassing (google Bad Huck) and he had a very bad Michael Dukakis moment--yes, he was responsible for the release of a violent rapist who then got out and raped and killed another woman. Not an inspiring record.

I continue to be surprised by the interest in the 2008 elections.

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