Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Importance of a Nice Suit

For the first time in my life, I bought a suit. Being a poor law student with impeccable taste, this was a trying thing for me. I am also petite in stature, which makes it really hard to find something. I searched through piles and then hit pay dirt at Macy's. Since it was the end of the season, I was able to get a really nice suit that regularly sells for $320.00, for 59.99--Yeah me!

Now, I have always thought that women lose some femine looks in a suit. But not so. Suits are investments. Don't be afraid to pay the $$$ for one because when it is made well, it hangs well on the body and defines your curves.

Suits carry a certain amount of respect. I am slightly addicted to shopping. I don't have to buy things, I just like to wander and look and wish. Usually I do it in a pair of jeans and hoodie. Today, after my interview, I needed to pick up some MAC, so off I went to the mall in my suit. I was surrounded by sales people whereever I went. Suit=the look of money. Also, a good suit gives a woman a certain amount of confidence. This confidence actually boosts her femininity. And this draws additional attention to herself.

One important tip that Mom might not have shared with you: Always, and I mean ALWAYS, when trying on your suit, sit in it. Sounds funny, but this is actually very important. Why? Simple, you want to know if the waistband will cut into you. And you want to know if the suit jacket or pants bunch unattractively.

Anyway, I love my suit so much, I purchased another one! Darn, I look good. (Although, my daughter says I look "boring." I had to explain I look lawyerly!)

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