Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Appellate Grief (Oh I mean brief).

The dreaded experience of the first year student is the appellate brief. The first semester the legal research and writing class drills into you the importance of writing neutral style. This semester, the student is taught how to write persuasively. But it's not like any persuasive I have ever written.

The appellate brief is a time intensive experience. Lots of research, lots of stomach aches, and little sleep=stressed out student. And all for a class that shells out only 2 credits and credit/no credit. (this is the grief part),

Part of the appellate process include a mandatory requirement to argue the brief where you are judged. The oral argument follows like an experience at the Supreme Court where the court will "pepper" you with questions, one after the other. The student is judged on how well s/he keeps composure, transitions, and deals with the judges.

The whole process gives a whole new meaning to the words "over stretched." 2L's, 3L's, and the Professors assure us that we will come out the other side alive and enthused. Right now I would be happy to just feel like I got some sleep:)

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