Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Politics coming out of Wisconsin and Hawaii

Okay, second lesson about law school, most of us (admittedly not all) care about politics. What I talk about here, is what a good portion of us are discussing at school. But admittedly, I care about what is going on, I am writing about this, and therefore you are stuck reading it:)

McCain=we know he is the nominee, it's just a simple formalization at this point (or a deal with Huckabee), so that's all I am going to say.

Obama and Clinton. Much better story here. We have several interesting developments. First, Obama made inroads into white voters and union members. He needed this crossover to win Ohio. Things are looking up for him. AND he won by 17% points. A sound thumping.

Now, Obama as the front runner now needs to watch every word and guard every single action CAREFULLY. The first critical blunder happaned yesterday with his wife. The pundits are yapping and yelling and the Clinton camp is salaviting at this one. What do I mean. Mrs. Obama made a statement that for the first time in her adult life she was proud of America. Pundits say, "Hey, the lady is 45 and so many great things that have happaned in her 45 years: the Berlin wall coming down, great inroads into racial equality", so on so forth. And Clinton is clapping her hands, rubbing them together in glee, and spinning it for all it's worth.

I honestly think that Mrs. Obama made the mistake that any woman who was not a professional speaker and who is not used to having the spotlight turned on her would do: she spoke candidly about the fact that she is so proud of her husband and that America is turning out to vote like it has not done in years. I don't think Mrs. Obama was slighting any of the great things that have been accomplished in America. Give her the benefit of the doubt and ease up all you cynical people.

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