Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Varying State Laws

I am on vacation in Colorado visiting my sister who is based at Fort Carson.  I love traveling to different states and seeing the different laws.... This trip has given me lots to think about because not only am I in a different state, but I am staying on a base -- which means that federal law, not state law, governs.  This was an interesting concept to me.  As you enter the gates of the base, there are many legalease wording on huge signs -- part of which is all the things that you consent to merely by entering the base.  Things like complete vehicle searches, consent to buccal, blood, or breathalizer tests for any purpose or reason without probable cause, and many others.... It's amazing to me the rights as a civilian I give up merely by visiting my sister.  Or the rights that she gives up by having a dwelling place on this base..... mind boggling really.

State laws are just as interesting to figure out.  You can still talk on a cell phone and drive in Colorado, you can still purchase sudafed without a prescription (gonna load up before going home), and U-Turns, yes they are allowed... There are more, but those are the few that come to mind.  What is most amazing is that you really can break a law without realizing it and be penalized for it...... Bonus though, speed limit is 75 mph from the Idaho border to Colorado Springs, Co!!!! 

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