Friday, November 12, 2010

Going back in time

The other night, I volunteered to be a witness for one of my 3rd year law school friends who was competing in the Don Turner Moot Court Competition.  I walked into the school and it was weird.  What felt like home to me for 3 years, well it didn't anymore.  It was like walking into a house where I use to live, but finding someone else living there.  I wasn't expecting that feeling.

I had a blast playing witness... perhaps my friend should not have asked a graduated law student to play witness for her!  I really quibbled at many of the questions.... gave the opposing team quite a hard time in controlling me.  If they did not phrase a question right, I would correct them... batted them around a bit and it was funny.

My friend and her team mate rocked!  However, the other teams motion in limines cracked me up.  First they said they wanted to exclude photos of the victim because they were prejudicial and they weren't there to argue that she was shot, just who shot her..... then they argued they were prejudicial.

I giggled... like out loud giggled....... Rolled my eyes and was really trying not to laugh (I don't think I should ever judge).  Why did I giggle?  This trial was a MURDER trial.  Her death is at issue!!!!!!!!  Oh goodness, seriously!  And of course the pictures are prejudicial.

Then there was an objection to an admission of a handwritten letter -- but really what they were objecting to was not anything other than credibility -- who do you believe?  I was on the stand at that point, I had given my friend everything she needed to lay a firm foundation. 

Oh, and I delighted in saying at the end at least three times, "The defendant shot my daughter!" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there were the questions, "You thought this, didn't you Mrs. Wilson."  No, that is not what I thought... totally hilarious!!!!!

I don't know if I helped or hurt as a witness, I do know I had a blast doing it! 

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  1. You did a great job! :) I am soooo thankful that you were able to help us out. Plus it's always nice to see friends that I don't see often! Thank you soooo much again. You are a great friend and I am thankful for you!