Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Phew........... What a last couple of weeks....

What a busy 2 1/2 weeks of learning a new subject:  first in the statutes, then in admin law, and then, finally calling on my legal resources and friends who knew about worker's comp law.  I scrambled, fell into bed exhausted, and was ready for any 2 minute break I could snatch.

But I learned some valuable things..... my firm is AWESOME.  I had to call down to another office and talk to people I had never met.......... they were so supportive, helpful, and wonderful.  I CAN figure things out when they seem like they are incomprehensible....

I also learned that I can screw up potentially big time, and there is NO WAY I would open up my own solo practitioner office UNTIL I learned all the ends and outs of figuring out of running a practice.  For instance, I assumed (not the word) that turning over discovery was prompt or "reasonable" in WC like in other areas of law.  Nope..... it's 7 days in my state or it can be objected to and not admitted as evidence.  I should have known better and looked, but I did not.  (btw, that could be a legal malpractice issue if a client lost because evidence was not admitted).


  1. u made it through! Congrats! And good warning! even if u know things, check anyways! lol :)

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  3. Lisa, I think had you not had that time where you were left to your own devices you wouldn't have learned near as quickly as you did. That's an amazing amount of trust they had in you. What an awesome feeling!