Friday, November 5, 2010

Client Confidentiality

You are taught from day one in law school that client confidentiality trumps all else.  There are very few exemptions to this rule.......... at all.  Unless it is to prevent an imminent crime (there are a few others) you keep your mouth shut, and your lips sealed.

Today I ran into my first real moral dilemma.  One thing I did not think about is that an injured worker is at his most vulnerable.  They are off work, dependent upon the worker's compensation insurance to pay time loss.  But what if the insurer denies the claim, and it drags on for months?  What if they literally are now broke, with no capital to borrow from for day to day expenses?  When they are so demoralized that they just have no sense of self anymore.  What if they are mentally in not a good place?  How do you help them without breaching confidentiality --- these are issues you have to deal with.  They are real and they keep you up at night.

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  1. this is a sad situation! but i do believe u handled it to the best of your abilities. empathetic as well as professional