Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Responses to Reader Rachel


First, I am so happy that my writing has helped you!  That is encouraging to me and makes chronicaling this journey so worthwhile.

Q:  My biggest parenting concern is that I may get so overwhelmed at times that quality time with my daughter suffers. I plan to take your advice and make law school an "8 to 5"...have you found this do-able all through law school? Even in the first year??

A:  The first year, 8-5 is very, very easy.  You aren't working.  You should have time between your classes to study and read.  You might, especially when writing your first year brief, spend a few hours on the weekends writing or studying.  The second year is a bit tougher if you work as well.  My tip for this is to try and find an activity [like dance] for your daughter in the evenings for a couple of times during the week.  You can study, and she can have some fun doing "her thing."  Because some of the time you would use to study will be used to work instead, you will have to be creative.  Incorporating your child into the study routine can be fun for them as well.  My daughter held up my flash cards for me when I was studying.  Third year, is an even more different experience.  Quite frankly, you stop reading for class.  Most of the cases, you have read before in some context or another.  You know how to skim a case and get out of it what you need for class discussion.  The prep time for class is drastically reduced. 

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