Monday, March 29, 2010

19 Days of Classes....well technically less

If I look at my calendar, only 19 days of classes are!  Where did the time go?  But, if I count class hours...........then I am 39 hours of class left.   Less than a full work week.  This is also my last week of work......12 hours to go.  This is a strange feeling.  29 days on the countdown until I take my last final.

I actually am full of changes right now......changes that are making studying hard.  My sister is moving states away, and taking her two children..........both whom feel like my own kids.  So, I am heartbroken.  This is bad timing for me, because I am having such a hard time focusing on what needs done.   I just came off of spring break.  This weekend, I could not focus on studying at all.....I spent most the time cleaning, which I have found to be extremely therapeutic.  But does not help the reading.  I wish there was a perfect way to cushion one's self the couple weeks before finals.  There is no way.  I hate to share that.  Seems that anything emotional or stressful that can come up, will as finals approach.  Your energy levels are low, you are lacking sleep, and then you are weepy.

Seriously, the last year of law school, stress has taken such a toll on my body that I have notice more gray hairs, suffered panic attacks, drank more coffee than can possibly be good for any person, and my body is falling apart............budget for a few massages---seriously.

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