Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political Speak in Law School

One thing has consistently bothered me in law school......the assumption by students and faculty that all students subscribe to a progressive, liberal ideology. This has been frusterating for me. And, my eyes are truly open to the fact that law school is certainly not diverse in the area of politics---or at least not tolerant to different political ideas.

I survived the first year with faculty taking pot shots at President Bush. I listened to student after student say many things, often not grounded in fact, about the Administration. Now, I need to reveal before I go further that I am a registered independent who has leaned Republican, but have voted Democrated. I tend to be very conservative on fiscal issues, but fairly moderate to liberal on social issues. I have not agreed with every policy of the Bush Administration and have often dispaired that the powers of the executive branch have been far to expansive under this President.

However, when I have had to try and speak up, I was belittled. This year, the common denominator seems to be the assumption that we must all be voting for Obama. I really don't know who I will vote for. I have to decide whose policies I fear the most, because I am not satisfied that either man can provide the decisive leadership the US will need in the coming years. However, what I cannot abide by is the ugly jokes and belitting that I have heard in reference to Sarah Palin. When you ask these students what they know about Sarah, it is little more that what was provided by the Huffington Post.

I am not saying that Palin is perfect, or that I do not have concerns. But to treat her as if she is a stupid booble head bimbo. I hate this gender bias and I hate that educated articulate people would perpetuate this..........

I guess what is disappointing is that there seems to be a lack of tolerance. There also seems to be a large assumption that all law students must think politically the same. We don't. AND, I would go as far to argue that being a simple party hack and voting party lines is scary to say the least. Neither party is perfect. And in the last month, we have seen that both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the mess that our economy is in. The Dems for turning a blind eye, and the Repubs for spending like there was no tomorrow. We, as future lawyers, should be smart enough to embrace debate on these views and to not buy into ideology that is divisive.

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