Friday, October 17, 2008

Frivolous lawsuit alert!

Below is a link to a story about how a Obama supporter in Oklahoma City is suing McCain for causing her mental anguish. She alleges that McCain/Palin has "incited violence against" Obama and this has caused her great mental distress. She claims to be in fear the the presidential's candidates life.

I could not find that complaint because it was just filed today, so presumably, it has not made it's way through the system. But think about this? McCain/Palin have not made any statements that incite violence or constitute hate speech. It is well documented that supporters have made unappropriate comments at rallies, but both candidates have admonished these people. What else can they do?

Not to mention, if this was true, perhaps I should institute a lawsuit against Oliver Stone for defamation against W and claim that his efforts have caused me great anguish and grave mental distress.

What I want to know is what irresponsible lawyer filed this suit? There is no cause of action here. Ms. Green has suffered no physical harm. McCain/Palin made no remarks. And it is a well stated rule in law that a third party can not be held liable for the tortious or criminal acts of another [minus conspiracy or felony murder]. The lawyer ought to be sanctioned.

Minus that---quick, someone get this woman some meds! FED EX, where are you when we need you?


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  1. Just found you through a message board post about going to law school and single parenting.