Saturday, October 11, 2008

NYC: Free speech and the classroom

Above is a link to a story I saw on the news this morning. The school board in NYC has told teachers that they cannot wear Obama/Biden pins in the classroom. Teachers, through their labor union, has initiated a law suit claiming that the policy violates their free speech.

I find with this story, two of my views diametrically opposed. First, one has to understand that speech is not absolute and there are limitations. Having said this, because these pins are likely to count as "political" speech and is one of the most protected forms of speech. I am usually pretty pro-speech. I may not like it, but we all have a right to say our piece.

However, I think that this actually goes too far. Why, one might ask? Let me explain. What is the point of wearing a pin into a classroom full of students that cannot vote anyway? Why should personal opinions about elections be able to enter the classroom? I guess I believe that there are two topics that should remain taboo in the classroom: religion and politics. Both subjects can be highly contentious. Both imply alot about a persons core beliefs and morals. I do not believe that a sign of political support should make it's way in the classroom.

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