Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Single Moms Rocked American Idol

While this blog is dedicated to the single mom law school experience, I have to give props to any single mother who goes and chases after her dreams---especially when she is fighting incredible odds.  My favorite tension breaker is to watch American Idol.  I sing, and play the guitar for relaxation.  I dabble in writing my own music when I let my creative side take over.  Music is a secret lover of mine!  I admit it.  I also am an unabashed fan of Simon Cowell.  Often times I am found in my living room saying something very similar to what he says, seconds before he says it.

Which brings me to tonight's show.  A single mother named Crystal Bowersox from Chicago took the stage and she was AWESOME.  So unassuming looking, but with an infectious smile, I wasn't sure what to expect from her but was BLOWN away by her voice and performance. 

Another one to rock it was Mary Powers.  Great Rocker Voice.

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