Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Give A Damn's Busted

That's not just some great country song, it's the truth for me right now.  Granted in the song, she is talking about a relationship, and in a lose way, you have a relationship with school, but whatever.  The point is, I wanna care, but I don't right now.  I just can't get enthused.  I am tired, out of sorts, and just want this to be OVER.

The way that law school is structured is really silly.  You don't learn anything the final year.  A much better way to do this would be a requirement for an internship, so that students can actually learn the practice of law, not some vague rules that may or may not apply in the state that you are going to practice in.

At this point, I and many of my friends have begun to chant:  2.3 sets us free.  Willamette has a ridiculous rule.  In order to graduate, your cumulative grade point average for your 3rd  year ALONE, has to be a 2.3.  Silly really.  That means you have to get at least a C+.  Very few other law schools require this, certainly not your top ranked schools.  So, I am not sure what the purpose of this arbitrary rule is.

All I know is that it is one more thing to heap on a 3rd year's plate.  The bar app, all the graduation things you have to attend to!  UGH, it is yucky.  So, for now, my give a damn is busted.

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