Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Choosing a Bar Review Course

Studying for the bar exam is an art.  In your first year, you will be pressured to sign up with a bar review program. This is before you will truly understand the importance of this.

There is no way that any one person can learn in law school, or even retain, everything you need to know for the bar exam.  So, you take a prep course, like you would for the LSAT's or the SAT's before that.  Only this is like no other prep course you could imagine.

My first year, I was talked into BarBri....this is the #1 popular course, and for a long time was the only course offered in Oregon.  It's also $3000 and I did not like their 1st year prep materials.  Recently, I have found another company, Rigos, that has entered the Oregon market.  Their program is $1000-1300 less, depending on which course I go with.  I am seriously considering this course........mostly because they have a self study course where I can dial in from online, watch the lectures and work at my own pace.

The question remains, do I start with the tried and true, though I hate their materials.
Or the new company, whose materials after looking at them make logical sense?

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