Sunday, February 7, 2010

"My moms a lawyer"

This has become my daughter's favorite threat.  She is a smart cookie, but I can't seem to get it through her head that I am not a lawyer---yet.  Funny enough, this statement seems to strike fear, even in the hearts of little kids!  [I am quite sure there is a joke in that somewhere].

What is funny is the things you think to tell your children as your law school training goes on. Example:  Question for DD:  "DD, if you ever are questioned by police, what should you do?"  Answer:  "Invoke my 5th and 6th Amendment rights by requesting my lawyer!"  Ding-ding, bingo.  Question:  "Why a lawyer and not your mommy?"  Answer:  "Because I have a constitutional right to a lawyer when I am being questioned, but not my mommy."  Ding-ding, bingo--girl goes to the front of the class.  So that is how your mind becomes twisted!  Why?  Because you read case after case of children incriminating themselves simply because they ask for their parents, and don't get them, and do not ask for an attorney.

Another thing:  DD dances during the summer.  Stage breaks away.  Daughter asks:  "Mommy, are you going to sue?"  Me:  "Why would I do that?"  DD:  "Because they were negligent."  And the scary thing is your child knows about duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Then there is the home contract.....Me:  "I am going to make you an offer.  For every A you earn, you get $5, for every B, you get 2.50."  DD:  "Well mom, seems that I am getting punished for the B.  I think the earnings should be more for an above average grade."  And you realize with that comment, you have taught your child the art of negotiation.

Me:  "Isn't it true, that you were supposed to clean your room before going to _____'s house?"  DD:  "Stop cross examining me mom."  And you realize she knows what a leading question is!

The list goes on and on.  I think there are very few other professions that weave through the very fabric of our lives the way that the profession of law does.  [The only worse one I can think of is psychologists!].  One thing I know, is I am busy instilling critical thinking skills in my child.  This is such a very, very important thing to learn.  My mom's a lawyer is a sorry badge to put on a child!  Though my child seems to love it.

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  1. thats hilarious! Sounds like your doing a good job equiping your child with "life skills". I have two kids and am thinking about the possibility of law school. Happy to see you did it. Congratulations!

    Marta R