Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Two

Learning the art of cross examination was a tough lesson today.  But I was being trained by one of the best legal minds, a Federal Appellate Judge from the 7th Circuit.  I also learned I have a very bad, bad habit.  Because I have done only juvenile court issues to this point, I have been able to lead away on direct exam------BAD, BAD, BAD!  And lazy.  And against the rules of evidence.  But it's permitted in juvie court, not because the evidence rules are out the door, but because no one objects.

I also was reminded how beautiful manners are in a man.  This judge is 83 years young.  A big flirt, and has wonderful manners.  Held doors for me, pulled out a seat for me, and was just cute in this old world, courteous fashion.  *Sigh*  Where have the manners gone in this world?  Which made me think that maybe we as women do not require this anymore?  So, I am demanding this! LOL.

Seriously, starting to get tired from the long days, but I can feel how useful this experience is.  Repeating the same exercise is useful because you learn, and adjust each time.

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