Friday, January 22, 2010

2 Weeks Down, 11 to Go!

Two weeks down right now.  My last semester seems to be flying by for one.  The semester seems a bit poignant as well.  I have began to think of the friends I have made, and how I will miss them.  Job searching has begun in earnest.  Things just seem overwhelming at times. 

This semester's classes seem to be shaping up to be great ones.  I am excited that hopefully I might have information to post here that will be great for single parents to learn.  Several of my classes dovetail nicely.  First, I am taking a class in Education and the Law, which deals with the rights of children, parents, and teachers, and the tensions that lie within.  Second, is Juvenile Law which deals with the right of children and parents, and the tensions that lie within those.  Third is the First Amendment Church and State, which really focuses in on the very same issues.  Then I have Crim Pro II and Sentencing Reform, which carry the same type of themes.

On top of all of this, I am writing one paper this semester and it promises to be a fabulous paper.  The topic that I am writing on is the medical neglect prosecutions for parents who decide that faith healing is the way they will deal with their children's illnesses.  Particularly I am focusing on a local case in my state.  The prosecutor for this case has agreed to meet with me, and I am really excited by this.  One of my friends knows the defense attorney and he has agreed to meet with me.  This paper will be very, very interesting.

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