Thursday, November 6, 2008

November = CRAZY

November for the law student, equates to craziness. This is true. November is the month were we students start thinking, "Oh by golly, there are only 3 more weeks of classes! Holy Cow!" As a second year student, we start wondering how are we going to balance everything: work, school, life, and if you are like me, the moot court competition that needs to be squeezed in.

The student [that would be me] loses sleep. We become grumpy. Our family starts wondering where we are, and why we have not been in touch. If you have kids [I have one], they start thinking that some crazy person has taken over mom's body. This person has less patience than normal, her eyes look wild, and she yells at little provocation.

Then to top it all of, our school district, in all of it's infinate wisdom, also gives a total of 6 days off during this month. So, now I am juggling where my child is going to go while I am at school or work. More stress = more craziness!

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