Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Advice to the R's.......

You all better get organized. Last night was a sound spanking from the American people. You want to know why you have experienced failure? You want to know why we the people are disgusted? Let me tell you...........

You lost your identity. You lost what made you great in 1996. You breeched your contract with America. You spent like a drunk democrat, you expanded government to unprecedented levels, and you allowed the President to expand his powers beyond belief. And then, as if that was not disgraceful enough, you turned on each other like jackels fighting over a carcus. Absolutely disgusting.

What happened to personal responsibility? What happened to small government? What happened to reducing spending? What happened to deregulation? What happaned to helping business? What happened?

And don't get me started on how you jumped ship on Bush. You could not distance yourself faster......NONE of you stood by him, fought the press, and spoke the truth. You allowed the Media (if you can call them that) to define him and to define you. In the end, it was your arrogance that destroyed you.

My advice: regroup. Stop listening to the media--they want to see the destruction of your party. Remember that the Constitution was written to protect the insular and discrete minority. Organize. Redefine. And go back to the roots. Let the young, new voices guide you. Stop compromising. STICK TOGETHER.

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