Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Advice to the Dems......

Do you want to remain in power? Let me share with you some advice: the average American person is moderate. Unless you do not want history to repeat itself, you better rein in the liberals in your party and "center" your agenda. We the people are tired of the divisive, dirty politics, that have racked the last 8 years........As much as the President was to blame, you all take part of that blame as well. So you better have a plan, and it better be center.

Think I am joking? Let me remind you. The last time the Dems enjoyed this kind of control was in 1992, when Clinton took office. That lasted exactly two years---and then the people were disgusted and elected a Republican controlled Congress. This was the beginning of the problems. Do not, by any means, believe that this election was a mandate for progressive, liberal ideas. What it was a mandate for was "Change" and honestly, I don't know what that really means, no one has explained it to me yet. We in the legal world call this an ambiguous term.

So here's the deal: As a registered independant, I am willing to give you all the benefit of the doubt. So go get to work, but realize that we the people are watching you...................

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