Saturday, October 2, 2010

More interviews....

In my quest to get out of my pit, I met up with a friend today. I was getting ready when the phone rang..... let it go to voicemail because frankly I was running late.

Last night, before I went to bed, I did another search for jobs on the internet. I found one for a legal assistant.... not want I want to do long term, but hey, it would keep my fingers in the business and my options are limited.  Seems that with a law degree you are over-qualified for 99% of the jobs out there, and underqualified as an attorney if you are not admitted to the bar.

So imagine my surprise when I listened to my voicemail and it was a Partner of this well respected firm. He is an alumni from my school. He asked me why I was applying for a legal assistant position. I asked him if I could be candid. He said, "Yes, of course." I told him I failed the bar, I wanted to stay in the legal field, and I had bills to pay while I took the bar a 2nd time in February.

Anyway, what happened was a 20 minute impromptu phone interview. He asked me all kinds of questions and it seems that we know some of the same people in town. He said, "So, here's what I am thinking, you come in, we meet on Monday and see how we like each other. Let's do our homework and check out our mutual acquaintances."

Then I met with my friend Rick who knows the partner I will be interviewing with. He said this is a stellar firm, and one of the only firms he would consider stepping off the bench to work for. Rick has been telling me to use his name if I need. In the conversation with the partner, I asked him if he knew Rick and told him that he could call him about me. So Rick said he is waiting that he will give a GLOWING recommendation. Rick said a few months ago he mentioned me to the partner, but they were not hiring at the time. So Rick said he would remind the partner.

Wow! Just wow if this works out. I don't even know what to say if this works out!

Oh, and then to top it off. Awhile back a friend of mine was charged with sex abuse. Let me just say that this friend is well-respected and NEVER would he risk his future, job or wife for this.  He was accused by his troubled foster child who has accused others of the same thing in the past.  If you know anything about rape shield laws, then you would know that past accusations will not come in -- not at all.  The jury will never hear the information.  Well, I stumbled across a decision last week that was brand new.  Basically the law that my friend was charged under was overruled as overbroad for first amendment reasons.  I wrote a memo on it, and emailed it to my friend telling him, "Give this to your attorney." He did. Landed me an offer to intern on the case. Holy Cow!!!! I could not believe it. Amazing, just amazing.  I didn't do it for any reason but to try and help my friend.  And because the decision was so new, the attorney, nor the DA knew anything about it.  The attorney would like me to draft a motion to dismiss based upon this decision.

Things just might be looking up!!!!!


  1. This is wonderful news! I'm excited for you!

  2. Absolutely awesome news!!! Agree totally w/MissJordan :)